ABGC Program Structure




The program consists of 6 workshops, each with their own workbook. Though it is highly recommended that all candidates complete all 6 workshops to benefit most, gaining a clear business growth view. Some may be interested in attending  selected workshops.

In such a case ALL candidates must attend Workshop 1, then the candidate can select other workshops.




Early Bird offer open until March 1st, 2019

Location: Sheraton Grande Conference Room


  1. Saturday March 30th, 2019
  2. Saturday April 27th, 2019
  3. Saturday May  25th, 2019
  4. Saturday June 29th, 2019
  5. Saturday July 27th, 2019
  6. Saturday August, 31st, 2019

Workshop schedule:

  • Workshop Starts 9 AM –
  • Morning Coffee Break (15 minutes) 10 AM
  • Lunch 12 Noon – 1 PM
  • Afternoon Coffee Break (15 minutes) 3 PM
  • Finish 4.30 AM


Business Growth Catalyst Workshop Overview

WORKSHOP 1 : Diagnosis and Business Fit

Evaluate Your Business and its Current Context. With our expert team, you will take an objective step back and look at your own business ‘from the outside’ and act as a consultant yourself, evaluating its current products or services and how they could be enhanced or adapted for future markets.

“Very attentive leaders and tutors, seem genuinely interested in creating success for our companies.”

WORKSHOP 2: Resource and Capability Analysis and Identification. 

Evaluate Resource and Capability Assets. You will evaluate the resource and capability assets of your business and assess how well these match its current needs and its future growth needs.  You will work with our team and other delegates to assess gaps and evaluate how these might affect growth plans.

“How to understand my business in context to industry-strategy and write a robust plan for improvement/development of my business.”

WORKSHOP 3: Intervention Methods and Leadership for Business Growth

Learn how to Effectively Intervene and Lead Through Local and International Growth. You will recognise when intervention is required and how to manage change.  You will be able to develop leadership skills within your business and prepare the self for new roles.

“Knowledge + confidence in the area of international growth and business. In general, has been enlightening and allowed for “barrier removal” – I wouldn’t have considered it before today, now I am considering it!”

WORKSHOP 4: Exploring International Markets 

Explore the various options an organisation has to consider when entering a new geographic market. Consider the different organisational approaches to internationalisation and which best suit your organisation with reference to your resources and capability analysis,  Internal and External risks, product internationalisation readiness and market entry strategy.

"I found myself questioning our preparedness to move into new markets, but following this approach I saw what had to be adjusted in our original plans to reduce risk and improve on the opportunities"

WORKSHOP 5: Financial Planning and Restructuring

Learn how to produce an effective reporting structure for your business so you know what is happening while insuring focus and drives the business, and understand how to produce a financial business planning from funders perspective.

"This gave me a different approach to my reporting structure which was less authoratitive and more motivating for my team."

"Now I understand what my board and funders want to see, why it is important to them and in what form it is best presented."

WORKSHOP 6: Project Catalyst Operationalisation

You will bring all elements of the workbooks together alongside your own business analysis to build a business plan; noting what has been done and what has still to be done, why and by whom. You will consider the past, next 3 years as well as your own aspirations.

"I now have a plan that is well formed, but still has some work to be done. Where I did not know where to start and lacked the confidence, now I am well on the way and feel motivated and prepared. Very helpful."



All participants are required to full fill post workshop tasks between each workshop relating to their business. This will be used for discussion in their groups and as part of the process of building their business growth plan.



Assessments follow the Don Tuckerman principles of assessment.

  • Level 1: Reaction
  • Level 2: Learning
  • Level 3: Application
  • Level 4: Impact

Levels 1 & 2 are online assessments – send as links to participants mobile devices.

As part of the course all participants will receive an email at the end of each workshop. A link will take them to a web application where the participant will be asked a few simple questions to ensure they have understood the days concepts, models and tasks. This is not a test, but one way for the facilitator to confirm the participant's understanding and if it proves they do not understand the facilitator will confer with the participant.

Levels 3 & 4 are post-workshop activities related to application to the participant's business and group discussions post application.

Key to the success of the program is ensuring that not only the particpant understands the content of the wrokshop, but they also understand the how to apply what has been taught. The post workshop activities access the real life application the participant has undertaken, but also the resulting impact of what they have applied.