Consultancy Academy Corporate Training


WCT represents Consultancy Academy in South East Asia, managing the branding, promoting the activities, quality management of the programs and management of local partners.

Like any product the quality is in the delivery and content which makes a practical difference to your business performance. Hands on, rather than theoretical learning makes what you learn work for you as you learn.

In addition, the person that facilitates has practical business experience to be able to relate the teachings to real life scenarios they have experienced so they can communicate the actions and tasks with an understanding of the real world. It is this style, alongside the social responsibility and ethical underlying principles that attracted WCT to the Consultancy Academy mission.

The programs and activities are practical and actionable, making a difference to the bottom line of your business, as you learn.


Glyn Cartwright, co-founder and Director of Consultancy Academy, explains what the Business Growth Catalyst Program is all about.


About Consultancy Academy

The Consultancy Academy has had its roots in both business consultancy and in academia. Its partners all run successful businesses, and have had significant experience in growing and leading businesses. The academic linkage is important because there is a need for continuous improvement of methods applied into a range of different organisations and contexts.

The Consultancy Academy runs learning programmes and undertakes consulting services across the globe. Both of these activities are concerned with business growth and associated organisational improvement. For example, the Consultancy Academy runs a range of Business Growth programmes, it has Personal Growth programmes, and related organisational and business improvement activities. The methods are based on Systems Thinking, which allows for precision, detail and transparency in key activities. It also allows for the integration of ethical concerns – something that 21st century business is fundamentally required to consider.


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