Tall Emu CRM and Mini ERP

Why Tall Emu CRM?

A CRM package which does everything other packages do not do and more. It is fully integratable, easy to use, value for money, multiple add ons, mobile, customisable reports, customer tracking, sales management, HR, POS, excellent support and a lot more.

Many other CRM solutions are rigid or lack functionality, which results in the business making compromises agianst their original objectives. Tall Emu CRM gives you a business a strategic impact by removing the usual barriers to entry that businesses face when comtemplating systemizing their business processes.

Here’s some of our standout features that will change the way you work.

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Optimise your operation to work smarter

CRM Business Processes

Most CRM stop at Sale Force Automation, but Tall Emu CRM allows you to streamline business operations tool.

Whatever the business need – Tall Emu’s CRM and automation tools are able to be customised and configured to suit them to help your business become more efficient and do more with less.

Here is a list of areas Tall Emu CRM covers operationally:

  • Projects

Managing Projects in Tall Emu CRM is both simple and powerful. You can create projects and the tasks involved which then can be assigned and allotted time frames. These can then be shared with selected users of the CRM and a visual representation of a project in the form of a Gantt chart can be produced.

  • Product Management

Tall Emu CRM can help manage all aspects of product management in a way that matches your business needs and the type of product you are selling.

  • Purchasing

For business that need to buy in products or raw material for the use in final products that they go on to sell, then we have section of the Tall Emu CRM that manage this element.

  • Stock Control

Tall Emu’s Stock Management system extends the basic features found in your accounting system to offer the business capabilities you need.

  • Manufacturing

Having your manufacturing unit connected to the rest of the business is important because what you sell and at what price is affected by cost and production of manufactured goods.

  • Asset Management

The Assets management function in Tall Emu CRM allows you to log information about your customer’s assets and track work order history on the asset.

  • Shipments

Tall Emu CRM now contains a shipments module that is used to track and manage goods going from one place to another.

  • Courier and Dispatch

By integrating to leading courier providers we enable you to have the Sales data flow through to the fulfilment & dispatch part of your business.

Which type of business need CRM software?

We would say all businesses should use CRM software just so that the data is centralised and shared. Having individuals working purely out of their email inbox, calendar and the dredged black box…the Excel spreadsheet, will hamper your business. It results in poor communication among yourselves and customers. Things falling between the cracks, key person dependency, lack of accountability and so on.

However, the type of companies that get the MOST out of CRM software are those that have some of the following baseline characteristics.

  • More than 3 people
  • More than 10 customers
  • Send or receive 10 or more quotes or invoices in a month
  • Receives or make phone calls
  • Growing or wants to
  • Using excel spreadsheets to workout price, commissions, profit, conversion rates, etc.
  • Has a website that generate leads
  • Shopping cart that takes orders or sales
  • Has one off or ongoing projects
  • Has more than 10 mettings a month
  • Has a membership to look after
  • Does outbound marketing like Email or Telemarketing

We could go on.. but the use case to have CRM software installed in your business is far greater and more frequent than the idea you don’t need CRM software.

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