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To provide communication solutions and access to knowledge to make life easier, communicate better and share information in a secure environment for the benefit of all.


World Communications Technologies (WCT) was founded in 1996 to provide Support and System Integration services and merged its operations, while retaining the entity, with NETsolutions Asia, a leading regional system integrator, based out of Bangkok.

WCT re-established its corporate brand to provide branding and consulting services, alongside channel development services for companies entering the region.

Our knowledge and experience of working in the ASEAN market has led WCT to not only market our clients products, but in some cases, act as their branch office to develop their market, manage agents and distributors and provide a local support and representation.

WCT is the longest serving MYOB Accounting software reseller in Thailand, not only reselling the software licensing, but also implementation, training and providing ongoing support.

In many cases WCT provides consulting services to prepare a requirement analysis to ensure MYOB is the correct product to support the client's requirements and then prepares an implementation and migration plan after this is proven. In some cases where we determine MYOB is found not to be suitable, the requirement analysis is used by the client as a brief to approach other products.

WCT provides training and consulting services though its affiliations with its partners in the ASEAN region and the UK. This includes IT related certification, as well as business growth programs through Consultancy Academy.

As part of our corporate responsibility WCT also supports SME businesses entering the Thai market through mentoring, establishing the different facets of the business and introducing to potential stakeholders, channels of distribution and networking groups. Andrew Sloan, WCT Managing Director is a GlobalScot (invited to the GlobalScot group, by the 1st minister of Scotland to help Scottish companies enter Thailand), a member of the British Chamber of Commerce and also a Thai SME group.

Our cross section of local business knowledge, branding, digital and event marketing, accounting and IT have proven to be invaluable to our customers and partners.


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ClipCube Media was established as a division and profit centre of WCT in 2010.

ClipCube Media has been a key driving force within WCT not only supporting WCT initiatives but in its own growth as an independent profit centre.

As a Digital Media Agency with a focus on branding, media development and online marketing alongside our business consulting knowledge, this has proven to be invaluable in working and understanding our clients objectives, target markets and strategies from both a technical and marketing perspective.

ClipCube's media network is extensive, allowing us to supply services around the region. Our in-house team of web and graphic designers, and video editors work alongside our business and brand consultants ensuring the media strategy and plan meets the objectives of our clients.

ClipCube's suite of services allow a cross platform on-line media solution to be delivered.

Services include: web and mobile app development, website development, video production, photography, SEO (onsite and offsite), Graphic design, printing, social media development and management and event management.

Our success is not just within the production and implementation of a strategy, but in working with the client to pre-plan and qualify your objectives and plans to form strategies are suitable are to the targeted market place, and thereafter managing the process.

To ensure transparency and fluid communications our clients are provided on-line management and reporting tools to allow them to communicate and monitor progress and results of campaigns/projects. This not only provides peace of mind, but also allows for fluid decision making.