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SERVERLINK in Thailand

SERVELINK is a software application of WCT which we supply and support. We work with our clients to identify how they can utilise SERVERLINK to access applications remotely, and also to support their networks. WCT sells SERVERLINK primarily within the Thailand and Indochina region.

Some common and sensible questions:

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  • What is ServerLink?
  • Why Use ServerLink?
  • What application scan I connect to?
  • What are the system requirements?
  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Will you install and set up for us?
  • What is the price and is it forever, monthly or annually?
  • What support and upgrade options are there?




What is ServerLink?

ServerLink allows any Windows Application such as Accounting / Inventory / CRM / ERP / System or even file storage to be Remotely Accessible from Multi Branches, Desktop, Smartphone, Tablets. While also allows you to print to any device at the remote site.

Hence, you can travel and with an Internet connection still have access to existing application software. Branch users are now ready to connect to a Server in HQ with Remote Desktop Connection or Web Browser. No client software setup is needed, so no client installations, set up and support and no additional hardware needed.

ServerLink is fastest and easiest way to build your own secure Private Cloud Server for your internal staff to access from various location; and is also ready for mobile devices to connect too.

# No additional hardware or software is needed #


Why Use ServerLink?

ServerLink allows users from all locations to access applications they would not ServerLink Banner Thailandnormally be able to if not in their office, meaning better utilisation of time.

Where laptops and mobile devices commonly crash or are lost, the user can still access application and related data from another device securely.

As an example sales people and accountants could work from home and access their applications centrally and on the fly, without having the application installed on their computers.

ServerLink is fast and cheaper than other solutions. It enables Multi-sessions, Load Balancing, Universal Printer, Seamless Remote Application, Application Control and more, without the need for Citrix, GoGlobal, Propalms or TSE! and can be used with all common browsers.


What application scan I connect to?

Using ServerLink you can connect to any application on the server, as if you were on a computer in the office.

As an example many of our MYOB customers use ServerLink to access MYOB remotely. Please note that just because you access remotely to an application, you still need the appropriate number of user licenses.


What are the system requirements?

On Server side: Windows XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, W8.0, W8.1, SBS, W2003, W2008 and W2012 with at least 2GB of memory. The operating system must be on the C drive.

On Windows Server Environment (2003,2008,2012) please make sure that the TSE/RDS role and the TSE/RDS licensing role is not installed to prevent conflict with ServerLink services. It is mandatory to use a fixed private IP address and a fixed public IP address. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) did not provide you with a fixed public IP address, you need to subscribe to a free DNS account.

On Client side:

Microsoft workstation: Windows XP, W7, W8 and 10 are supported. A PDF Reader (like FoxIt) and Java should be installed on the users PCs.

Macintosh workstation: You can use any MAC RDP client, or ServerLink Java User Manual and HTML5 clients. Linux Workstation: You can use Linux Rdesktop RDP client or ServerLink Java and HTML5 clients. 


Is it easy to set up?

Yes, it is easy to set up if you follow the instructions. It would be helpful if you understand basic Microsoft IT networking.

The set up time should be less than 1 hour.

Users training is simple, just a click, so adoption is simple, even for the technophobe.


Will you install and set up for us?

Yes we can, but it is not included in the price of the software. A separate quote will be required.

At the same time we will train your IT staff how to manage in the future.


What is the price and is it forever, monthly or annually?

Your license is forever, so no renewals.

You can add user licenses if you choose using the below prices.

Serverlink license banner


What support and upgrade options are there?

There is an upgrade and support package, which will cover you if any bugs are found and also when new releases of Windows come out.

Support is provided in English and Thai and is provided on a remote basis via telephone, email, chat or remote access.

Onsite visits will be quoted depending location, the issue at hand and resultant time a to resolve the issue. We very rarely need to go to a client's site, and when we do it is either to set up the system, or we find it is not related to SeverLink but to a Windows issue, the Internet connection or hardware.

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