IT management and sales development

WCT’ operated an IT outsourcing business for more than 15 years working with MNC and SME organisations planning, implementing and managing networks thoughout S.E. Asia. This business was merged with a company called NETsolutions Asia which continues to provide a superior service.

WCT now focuses on the IT management and product marketing side of IT.

IT Management – WCT helps businesses plan their IT policy and manage the operation following the ITIL framework and industry best practises.

Having a solid structure and a clear vision on how you to manage, utlise IT and align IT to the business objectives. Whether network management and development, security, utilising the Internet or developing mobile applications to enhance an support your business, it all comes down to supporting your stakeholders, providing efficiencies and making a difference to your businesses bottom line.

We provide you the knowledge and resources to make a cost centre a profit centre. We make IT make you money.


Primary Services

Channel Development – assisting vendors enter the S.E. Asian markets by developing and managing their sales channels whether distributors, reseller or direct marketing. Our services include building strategic and business plans, marketing plans and providing the resources to succeed in the local markets.

CIO – managing the support processes, project management, aligning IT to support corporate objectives and vision.


Vendor searchVendor sourcing – buying a product is simple, but getting the best support is not so easy to find. WCT have an extensive database of proven vendors with expertise in different disciplines, just let us know what you are looking for and we will provide the contact details for you to make your own arrangements. It is free.