IT Consulting

Product or Vendor Selection

WCT provide an extension to the free vendor search service by offering supplementary services whereby we help you evaluate the recommended vendors or vendors you have selected under an agreed criteria.

In addition we will assist you in developing a project brief,  a request for proposal or a proof of concept plan and thereafter prepare a Service Level Agreement that is attached to a commercial agreement.

Our consultant services cover a variety of IT hardware and software solutions from ERP  to website development to network integration services, and our  evaluation processes are proven methods to ensure a suitable vendor or product is selected. Contact us for further information.

DRC and Business Continuity Services

WCT provides a full Business continuity risk analysis and assessment, and provides recommended solutions, all which form a comprehensive action plan which would protect an organisation’s continuity of business in the event of a disaster.

In addition, a Disaster Recovery Plan with procedures is developed to enable a smooth transition to an operational mode in the event of a Disaster. This allows a simulation of of such an event, where a regular the plan can be rehearsed for such an occurrence and thereby work the plan.

Extended services include remote media collection, restore testing and a Disaster Recovery Centre.

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IT Security

IT security procedures and measures are analysed to ensure that appropriate IT security and procedures are in place to protect hacker access, theft of information, access to confidential information, back up management, virus protection, and other. A report is produced with alternative actions, and assistance is provided in making the decision as to the what level of security is required for the organisation.

An additional service includes the use of ethical hackers, who attempt to access your network from the Internet. On doing so will reveal the security holes within the system. From there a report is produced to advise the failings and recommended solutions.

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IT Audit

WCT IT audits range in technical depth from hardware and software asset capture and consolidation, to a full  network audit including such areas as security, IT management processes, backup management and best practices conformity.

On review of logsand generated reports our consultant will provide an independent report on the status of your network, its strengths, weaknesses and recommendations on where improvements can be made and how.

Our consultants work with the client independently or with the clients IT staff to generate the data for analysis. The exercise not only protects the company but also acts as motivational training for IT staff, who are locked in a fixed environment.

Many organisations loose count of what they have with regard to network, software, hardware. WCT provides an analysis, estimated valuation and reconciliation service. Reports, tables and graphs are provided to illustrate the results, and recommendations are provided to on how to manage yoru network and asset rotation to allow you to prepare accrate budgets and protect your organisation from pirate software installation.

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Office Move IT Management and Installation

Much of the worries is the loss of hardware, data and other equipment. Most organisations do not even know what they have until it is found that the equipment is missing in the future.

Packing management and transport, data back up, management and archiving, software licenses and media, cables, connectors, etc. All  are crucial to the restoration of the company’s operation and must be managed.

Office moves are an excellent opportunity to perform asset counts of hardware and software,  system audits, upgrades because it is the one time that operations are temporarily halted with all staff available.

All equipment must be installed at the new site, meaning that equipment can be audited before and after the move to ensure that if damage has been caused, it can be evidenced that it took place between the de-installation and installation process and is the responsibility of the removal company.

WCT offers the services to manage the process and provides sign off reports and audits to its clients as part of its service and can provide a system integrator to audit, dismantle and install the systems to make your office moe work for you.

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