Ecoproof waterproofing products and application


Your Quick Reference to Ecoproof waterproofing products

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Ecoproof Liquid Rubber

Ruberised polymer certified for large and small projects for roofing, tanking and below ground.

Liquid Memberane High Build Used as a ful membrance and for detailing with tape
Spray Grade Liquid Rubber Instant set Instant set spray application for waterproofing
Liqutank hand applied Hand applied For below ground application and detailing with tape
Liquid tank spray grade Instant set For below ground application
Flood Coat   As a primer for porous surfaces like concrete.
Strengthening tape Geotextile/Joint tape For reinforcemnet with high build to add strength to joints






PMMA System for small to medium sized roof, floor, balconies and gutter projects

Detailing /General primer Used with joint tape for all joints and upstands and repairs 
Contrete primer Used only for concrete ( primer not needed on other surfaces)
Waterproofing Main product used for all surfaces to waterproof in 2 coats 
AntiSkid Same as waterproof but with sand in to to reduce skidding 
Joint tape Used with general primer on all joints and upstands






A permanent repair product which can be applied underwater.

Karnak 19 Ultra Used with joint tape for all joints and upstands and repairs
Karnak 31 GRP Tape  Used with Karnak 19 Ultra to make repairs permamant (needed where there is a gap)




A range of invisible products to protect against water ingress and damp, water repellants not waterproofing.

RapidGuard  For external and internal water repellant  and protection of porous surfaces i.e. bricks, concrete and mortar etc
RapidBlock Internal moisture block to eliminate internal damp in bricks and porous strucutres
RapidClean  Range of cleaning products for roofs and surfaces 




Spray Machine

HVLP 2000 Spray Grade Machine 200 Foot Siamese Fluid Lines Teejet Plural Spray Gun 6no. Teejet Spray Tips: 2 x 2001e 2 x 400b 2 x 4016 Plural Spray Gun Repair Kit HVLP 2000 Maintenance Kit Manuals & Hand Books
System Training Machine Set Up, Maintenance, Clean Down, Technique on Spraying/Rate of Application, Methods