Ecoproof Waterproofing

Ecoproof AsiaEcoproof Waterproofing solutions are designed to save you time though our rapid curing and instant set solutions, while providing a quality finish, all for which we provide a guarantee.

Our rubber liquid waterproof applications are suitable for the small or repair jobs and larger projects, with different colours available on demand to fit the colour schemes of the structure.

We do not just sell the products, but also the spray machines and support you both on a technical basis and advise you on quantities required to fulfil your project.

Ecoproof will also provide our customers contractor training on the application of the different products.

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Ecoproof Asia Waterproofing

EcoProof’s Instant Set Waterproofing System is a seamless spray applied membrane, that is rapidly applied and is immediately shower proof.


Instant Set is special formulated to provide over 1200% elasticity and 100% memory. It fully bonds on contact with the surface and sets as a seamless membrane. This makes it the ideal solution for refurbishment projects and asbestos encapsulation alike.

An improvement on roofing felt, asphalt, Bitumen and other liquid coatings! The EcoProof system requires No Flames, Solvents or Primers and has no joints and has excellent Eco-Friendly credentials.

Using our Spray machine you can complete up to an estimate of 1000 Sq M in 8 hours.

Deck proof waterproofing Asia

DeckProof is a cold liquid applied, seamless, waterproofing system that cures within 20 minutes and can be trafficked within an hour


Ideal for domestic projects or small industrial roofing, the DeckProof Waterproofing system is a rapid cure 2 coat waterproofing membrane that provides a tough surface coupled with 200% elasticity. Provides a cured membrane with a similar finish to GRP or EPDM, but with greater flexibility and faster application.

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Waterproofing Applications

metal roof coating waterproofing

Metal Roofs

EcoProof Instant Set provides a seamless membrane that can inhibit rust and waterproof failing metal roofs.  On smaller projects, RapidRoof can provide a waterproofing  membrane in any colour.

Ecoproof Asia Waterproofing Deck proof waterproofing Asia


Asbestos Roofs

All of the systems in our product range can be applied to Asbestos. The encapsulation capabilities of our systems makes them an ideal alternative to asbestos removal  which can be an expensive and disruptive process.

Ecoproof Asia Waterproofing

Flat roof waterproofing

Flat Roofs

Felt, timber, asphalt, concrete are just some of the flat roof surfaces our products can be applied to. EcoProof Instant Set on larger projects and RapidRoof for small and domestic.

Ecoproof Asia WaterproofingDeck proof waterproofing Asia

Structure waterproofing

Structural Waterproofing

EcoProof Instant Set can be applied to walls, basements and concrete structures above and below ground to provide a seamless tanking membrane.

Ecoproof Asia Waterproofing

Balcony waterproofing


The waterproof and anti-skid properties of Rapid Roof make it suitable for use on balconies or any other trafficked surfaces, we also have a wide variety of colours available.

Deck proof waterproofing Asia

Waterproofing balconies

Walkways, Floors and Ramps

Our RapidRoof system is ideal for walkways and floors, the hard-wearing, anti-skid finish coupled with our rapid curing formulation provides a quick and easy application where time to trafficability is an important factor.

Deck proof waterproofing Asia